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We welcome you to BOOMICOM Telecommunications for your long distance services. You are now ready to start $aving without Switching from your old telephone server. Our service is a dial-in service, which allows you to keep your existing telephone company for your home or business.

To use our services just follow these two simple steps:

Dial the access number from your phone.

Access Number: 647-288-1234 or 647-288-2608 or any other local access number

(out side Toronto dial toll # 1-866-944-1440 additional 4 cts )

Enter the long distance number you wish to call.

If you wish to make any long distance call from your cell phone or any other phone, just follow these four simple steps:

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call our Customer Service line at

416-657-4403 or 416-755-1893.

(416) 657 4403