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Boomicom is the number 1 choice for long distance company . Boomicom has developed a simple and easy approach to long distance services for residential and business customers in Canada and the United States. Our program is a no risk program, you don't switch your phone company and there are no minimums or monthly fees.

Our goal is to provide long distance services to customers in Canada, the United States and around the world at excellent prices with superior quality.

We are not like the big long distance companies. There are no confusing plans and our rates are always the same 24 hours a day. And our low prices are the same for all customers, business and residential.

Our long distance service is a Dial In Service. What this means is you don't switch your existing long distance carrier.

We set up the phone number(s) you wish to have access to our service. Then you dial our seven digit access number in your city and enter the long distance number you wish to call.

At the end of each month or your 30 day billing cycle, you may be able to receive a detailed paper bill and statement outlining your call by call charges as based on request. There will be an little administrative charge $ 1.00 will be applied.

(416) 657 4403