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Frequently asked questions

How do I use your Long Distance Service

Our long distance service is a Dial In Service. What this means is you don't switch your existing long distance carrier.

We set up the phone number(s) you wish to have access to our service. Then you dial our ten digit access number in your city and enter the long distance number you wish to call.

Which cities is your program available from

The advertised rates are available from Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. You can use our service from anywhere in Canada and United States but an additional $0.04 per minute will be added to the rates advertised.

What currency are your advertised rates in

Our advertised rates are in Canadian currency, for U.S. customers use the appropriate exchange rate to convert to US Dollars.

Can I use this service for my business

Absolutely. Unlike other long distance companies we do not charge higher rates for business customers. You will get the same low rates for home or business.

Can I use your services from my cell phone

Absolutely, you can use our services from your cell phone. You will still be charged your usual air time and roaming charges by your service provider. Our plan is great for cell phone use because you avoid paying the high long distance charges that most cell providers charge. If you plan on using it often - you can program the access number as a speed dial in your cell phone.

Do I get a bill at the end of the month

Yes. At the end of each month or your 30 day billing cycle we can provide a detailed bill and statement outlining your call by call charges. If you would like a monthly bill mailed to you there is a $1.00 monthly charge.

What is Pre-paid plan

The Pre-paid Plan offers the cheapest rates. You will hear the balance of the funds available on your account every time you use the service. After your funds are used up you will have to add additional funds. Your balance remains on your account till it is used up and does not expire. A statement detailing all your calls and payments will be sent to you each month. You will hear a one minute warning when your funds are low and will be disconnected. To avoid this, we recommend that you add additional funds when your account is low.

What are the payment options for the Pre-paid Plan

You can either pay by cash, cheque, debit , credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or deposit at our bank account.

Are there any monthly fees or minimums

There are no monthly fees or any other charges. Only you pay for the minutes you used (plus tax).

After I enter my long distance number with your service there is a long delay before I am connected

Just press the # key after you dial the number and your connection will be a lot faster

What is the minute increments you charge

We charge in one minute increments.

Do you provide a Calling Card

No. we don't provide a physical calling card. Instead our service is more like a virtual calling card where you are given an account number and a pin number to use our service.

Are there any hidden fees

There are no hidden charges like monthly fees, minimum call lengths, connection charges etc..

What are your office hours

Customer service is open from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm EST Monday to Friday and from 10.30 am to 8 pm EST Saturday and Sunday to assist you. Call 416-657-4403

(416) 657 4403